ERP Software

ERP Software

Rosix Technology Company developing in-house ERP system software conduct a detailed cost benefit study before initiating the ERP software product development process. Companies whose business processes are unique best suited to undertake in house ERP software development. The big advantage of developing ERP software in-house is that the company full ownership rights of the source code and the knowledge gained. By having an in-house team, companies will have flexibility in customizing the software as and when they think the time is right. the major requirement of developing an in house ERP software is that the company needs to have a core our team which is experienced in executing such all ERP projects. The core team should have a long term requirements of software in mind before planning the ERP software. The team should also have a understanding of the business processes of the company and should be proficient in designing an software system based on latest technology.

.Net platform is the most used platform given the number of windows machines used world wide. Let us assume that the .Net is our platform and all the following discussion is based on this assumption. it offers the following advantage.

.Net allows developers to develop ERP software systems, much easier by offering RAD tools. These tools have excellent programming and debugging features which allows development of better software. Applications developed using these tools run faster as code is managed by the .net runtime system.

Every ERP software should include a database system which can handle the large amount of data entered in an ERP software. Relational databases like Oracle and SQL Server are recommended for handling the data in ERP software. SQL server software provides advanced features such as Structured Query Language, business intelligence, stored procedures to enforce validations, implement business logic of ERP software application, triggers to initiate actions, implementation of transactions in an ERP software which enables concurrent access of the database and provides security.


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