HR Management Software

HR Management Software

Our HR Management System (HRMS) software is designed for small, medium and large sized businesses. This powerful and easy to use HR Management software allows your HR team to start working more efficiently on utilizing time and resources. It offers you wide range solution that your human resource data management needs, You can access this software from your tablet, smartphone, PC anywhere anytime.

This HR Management System (HRMS) software features HR employee data management, applicant data management, job data management, employee training data management and all that.

Getting an accurate head count should not be one of your most difficult task. Work day Organization Management enables you to easy and accurately model and analyze your work force by multiple business dimensions.

Managing attendance and leave all policies can be an administrative nightmare, if left to out dated, convoluted processes. Work day Absence Management allows you to manage your organization global time off and absence policies through automation system, visibility, and intuitive self-service.

This HR management software system can also be expanded to multi user license (HR manager license and Employee license). We can support up to 4 users on your company network (we provide HR manager software and regular employees two different data access levels and all that) without any additional database server software or the latest Windows Server software.


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